IoT – Internet of Things

Intelligence of mankind can go beyond anything where I could not believe what have the man invented, the internet is like a substance that the mankind could not live without hence we get uncountable benefits from it. Through so many information technology developments, the mankind are able to expand their logic of information network through the use of mobile connectivity that leads to a creation of an internet of things (IoT). According to Mitew (2014), the term Internet of Things (IoT) coined in 1999 at the MIT Media Lab where it means physical objects connecting to the internet.

Without any attentiveness we tend to expose to IoT ubiquitously in our everday life, our mobile phone is the biggest invention of Internet of Things. The mobile phone has enable us to use various functions and conveniences that have speed up the quality of our life. Our mobile phone, which an object that store and process information as well as independently initiate action and can be remotely located within teir environment (Mitew, 2014). While using our mobile phone, it actually automatically adjust to an auto mode to disclose our location identity without our full observant. For instance, social applications like Facebook and Foursquare has enable us to ‘check-in’ wherever we are, as it automatically detects our own location. Also while we use Google Map or Waze, the application has automatically extracting details and information from our usage to the internet.

However, this smart invention has no doubt brought us a lot of benefits and advancement but it somehow relentlessly exploits to our privacy as the internet of things do all automatically. Mostly our information has uploaded into the internet automatically through the applications hence the internet has stock up big data of everything whether its important or useless. Nonetheless, does IoT is really helping us through our daily life or it unremittingly overpower the authority and supremacy of human? Can you imagine what the IoT can do to us in the near future?


Mitew, T 2014, ‘DIGC202 – The internet of things’, lecture notes, accessed 25/10/2014,


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