Fruit VS Robot


The new iPhone 6 and iPhone6 plus has just released close to a week ago and it still capture the heart of countless loyal customers and perhaps a sum of unsatisfied customers phone users from other brands. Still, arguments and criticism are constantly disputing from all sorts of nodes/produser that stretches from their very own interpretations and remarks. One of the condemnation commentary on iPhone is the opposing user criticizes in what way iPhone’s operating system, design and interface are so poorly designed and customized thus it outlay an extremely high-priced, which is totally not value for money.

Arguments in terms of the price of Apple smartphone is overprice as many other smartphones could compete with the functions offer by Apple moreover Apple architected a closed platform which is their prominent iOS operating system. Apple’s iOS is differ from other platforms for instance, Android distributed operating system which allows customization and can be match by various types of smart phone devices rather one but because of it is a democratic usages which disburse more error and fault of hacks of its no control over the platform, users and content compare to Apple’s iOS. Moreover, since Android is a type of open source operating system therefore there are many creation of prevailing demo version or better known as Beta version before the final version of the new operating system officially release.

However, there are reason why Apple happened to be closed and walled garden platform which it is aimed to have a complete control over the platform, content and user to avoid faults and hackers to interfere the platform. Furthermore, it is Apple’s core business to customize closed appliances tethered to closed ecosystem as the co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs whom discovered and believe on user’s experience. Still, there are various of contradictory within the pros and cons of both open versus closed platform. Nonetheless, it is still depends on user’s preferences to either fancy for an open platform Android or close walled garden Apple iOS. They still walkouts and conquers undeniable unique propositions for best of both world!


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