Digital Feudalism; Contemporary Walled- Garden

Consequently, the creation of internet has allowed us to interact freely and unlimited consumptions that effortlessness and benefit ease the life of the general public. We, as internet users thought that the internet for instance social networks and applications that obligate to offer us freedom and privacy contained platform that we are ubiquitously attach and put trust in it.

However, the biggest and nevertheless favorite internet corporation for instance Facebook and Apple have actually installed and practices Walled-Garden Feudalism on it’s platform to control user’s to their contents and services. Without the majority user’s aware, walled garden is a type of system that have subsequently control fully and easily access on restricting users to several applications and productions of content. In effect, the walled garden directs the user’s initial navigation within particular areas, to allow access to a selection of material, or prevent access to other material (Rouse 2005).

Hence, through the unawareness within users, this corporations have developed to become big user-generated data assemblies, then eventually turn out to be to feudal lords to holds as an integrated data-empire. User’s believed there were no any parties over their privacy and contents as they comprehend it as a type of liberty platform. Unfortunately, many internet corporations have built a new form of digital feudalism that became kind of feudal lords which means they behold the hierarchal power that possess to your privacy. The old internet is shrinking and being replaced by walled gardens over which Google’s crawlers cannot climb. Sure, Google can crawl Facebook’s ‘public pages’, but those represent a tiny fraction of the pages on Facebook, and are not informed by the crucial signals of identity and relationship which give those pages meaning (Mitew, 2014).

In a nutshell, the internet users should be smart to use the internet platforms as apparently we do not know when are we being monitored or how our privacy are being watched. So, use the internet wisely as there are more surveillance through the rise of a new form of digital feudalism.


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  1. It is scary to know all these social networking sites that we browse daily has the authority to control and access to all our content and data submitted on these platforms. I hope the society is aware of the negative side of this feudalisation of internet. Just like what you have mentioned, hope all internet users will use the internet wisely otherwise they should be accountable of their own doings.

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