‘Produser’ Overload or Information Overload?

In today’s rich technology improvement, everyone seems to be actively employed and there are way too many opportunities offered on the internet, as in it allows anybody to take equal democratic parts in this economy and production. The technologies have converge to create a new economy whereby diverse platforms surrounded with various content dynamic in which people can create an economy of something new and interesting based on own personal knowledge production, they could be ultimately skillful or zero professional background.

Therefore, the internet provides too many platforms to acknowledge new creativity and business for netizen to work and produce regardless individually or in a group constructed. Hence, it has sway the paradigm where the early consumers are now also the biggest producer of contents whereby the platforms allows people to have own ownership by creating and producing their own productions, for instance, mixtapes, podcast, blogpost, etc. Promptly, every netizen or internet user is an eligible ‘Produser’ where the hybridization of PROduction and USER comes in one. Moreover, everyone are qualified to be a reviewer or judge to comment everything regardless good or bad feedbacks especially through the use of famous platforms like Foursquare, Trip Advisor and Instagram.

Why would people choose to take advantage to make a business out of the internet rather than the former traditional business? Firstly, the internet is yet profound to be the cheapest or I would say low cost of entry to put up your productions or business via a blog or Youtube channel and other sorts of platforms. By publishing content or accessing to these platforms costs nothing to the user where it allows no barrier entry. Hence, it almost require no risk unless there is repressive ecology found in your production or business. Although, the platforms allows us to obtain abundance of built in information from the internet however, there are too many usage of internet productions and businesses which it allows drawbacks too, as there are no proficient of quality filter and the internet are flooded with valuable and also un-useful information.

According to Shirky (2002), the internet imposes no barriers to entry, no economies of scale and no limits on supply. As there are too many freedom of productions and information uploaded in the contemporary internet, it consists of overload information where there is no dictated of incessant sorting at all.



I would say there will be infinite amount of information of indefinite values and some to be meaningless there.



Mitew, T 2014, ‘DIGC202 Into the cloud: the long tail and the attention economy’, Lecture notes, Accessed 5/9/14, http://prezi.com/nm7rgdlnxhdf/digc202-into-the-cloud-the-long-tail-and-the-attention-economy/

Shirky, C 2002, ‘Weblogs and the Mass Amateurization of Publishing’, Networks, Economics, and Culture, accessed 4/9/2014, http://shirky.com/writings/weblogs_publishing.html





  1. hi there, i agree with your standpoint about how the business paradigm have shifted drastically from the old media to the new media where now many online sites are formed for the purpose of buying and selling. However, with such convenience also comes a greater risk. This is due to the many frauds that occurred from the internet such as phishing sites, misrepresentation of the product idea, getting conned by spending $$$ on something that doesn’t exist and more. Henceforth, all business users online must first be aware of all this before deciding to hop over from the traditional media to the new one.

  2. strongly agree with the drawbacks of conducting internet businesses. “The internet imposes no barriers to entry, no economies of scale and no limits on supply,” with great benefits also comes consequences for users to bear. Not everything and everyone on the Internet can be trusted.

  3. Absolutely agree with your point. Everything has its pros and cons. Although there is no cost for me to access to the Internet but there is some risks that I have to face while surfing it. Just like what you have mentioned, there are no proficient of quality filter and the internet is flooded with many wrong and pointless information. Therefore, Internet users need to be alert and surf the Internet at their own risk.

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