The Father of Cyberspace

The Father of Cyberspace

The online citizen has been so use to the internet and somehow cannot go one day without it and they almost move their paradigm of life in there. They somehow depend on it too often and it have became of the norms in their essential daily life, they consider it as their home, they woke up to it, they sleep to it and they live in it. They somehow created a heavenly atmosphere and society called cyberspace on there. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concern of graphic representation of data abstracted from the bank of every computer in the human system (Gibson, 1982).

The father of cyberspace, William Gibson also suggests that our illusions and mirages form the basis of a kind of consensus by being continuously shared by the large group of people and the sharing is achieved by transforming individual experiences into collective representations. People now share anything and almost everything in the cyberspace’s social network to connect communications among the others in the society. Cyberspace now is a global village where all the online citizen use it as a platform to communicate and share experiences in which they find borders is almost irrelevant here. Hence, there are no time differentiations here in cyberspace where it allows the homogenization of time and space in here for online citizen to communicate of any time zone as a one time. Also, I believe people loves to be part of the cyberspace because as stated by Barlow (1996), we are creating a world that all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race, economic power, military force, or station of birth

Furthermore, in cyberspace there are free flow of information with any accesses and exposures without borders. People enhanced to be richer and wealthier in knowledge by using the cyberspace to obtain various information here.According to Castells (2004), the networking logic explains the features of the process of globalisation. The world have become more homogenize with the existence of cyberspace where people around the world can share cultures among the networks to the world even they are from the farthest place in the globe, indeed no borders are significant in cyberspace.


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  1. With the homogenization of time and space, we can certainly see the unity in mankind. We get almost everything done via the Internet. In my honest opinion, the convenience of Internet had indirectly brought out the laziness of us because of its easy accessibility to almost everything in the world. What do you think?

    • Yea, I cannot deny that we will tend to take advantage of getting quick and easy information and researches through the convenience of internet. However, it all depends on the human’s notion and behaviour whether to take the advantages or not. Lets think in another way, through the easy accessibility of internet we can access easily to the internet to get various types of information which however saves a lot of our time doing traditional researches (e.g. going to the library).

  2. you mentioned about how with the internet, anyone can be practically limitless in terms of their power when it comes to acquiring just about any knowledge. but with these power also comes a major drawback, don’t u think? Like with the internet, people are misusing it for a lot of corrupted purposes as well as they have become lazier and stupider because all the information(aka answers) are already typed out in black and white for you right there on the net.

    • I certainly agree to your opinions which there are diverse sorts of drawbacks while obtaining various types of information and knowledges limitlessly. Also, it is undeniable that we, human tend to get lazier and stupider through the easy access of internet but it also somehow has help a lot of us and especially to the professionals on their research at anywhere and less time consuming. However, everything has their very own pros and cons which it is fully depend on how we interact and decide to use it.

  3. I would have to beg to differ from Barlow’s point where he states “we are creating a world that all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race, economic power, military force, or station of birth”. In my opinion, the 1996 viewpoint no longer applies in today’s society. The Internet seems to have provided a platform for people to reinforce certain privileges or prejudices. Take for instance, cyberbullying. The Internet was developed with a great vision, but unfortunately we have derailed from its intent.

    • Yes, I definitely have to agree to you that cyber bullying has found through the interactions and communications via the internet. Unfortunately there are no way for anyone to stop a person’s notion and decision on making any prejudices and conquering privileges on internet. However, the internet and especially the social websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) has created options to ‘Block or Report’ to any unwanted and unethical posts and comments. These creations has help to prevent and minimise cyber bullying on the internet.

  4. Cyberspace is undeniably a good platform that keep us interconnected across the globe. However, despite the advantage of allowing us to communicate and obtain free flow of information on internet, don’t you think that the explosion of cyber technology is also causing a dramatic rise in the negative impact such as cyber crime?

    • Yes, I have to agree with you concerning to the negative impacts like the common cyber crime through the use of internet. However, notwithstanding there are various and many types of softwares to prevent cyber crime and this creations are to help to reduce and block cyber crime and it is especially useful for big corporations and governments to protect their informations and files.

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