The Global Networks, The Internet.

I remember when I was still a kid, the rising usage of computer and internet has just started to be familiarized by computer users and it is also very ordinary for every house hold to own a computer and internet. When I first familiarized to practice the use of computer, the internet was pretty slow as I will need to depend on my land line and modem to connect to the internet. Today, the technology has rocketed our everyday usage of the internet with the invention of Wi-Fi ubiquitously and there are no surprise to use an ultimate fast speed of internet.

It is miraculous to realise how the internet and communication technologies are fetching to become wealthier as time to come. Unseeingly, our phase of communications originally begun with the smart invention of telegraph by using Morse codes, cables and wires, telephone, radio, television, satellites, computer and then internet. The present greatest invention is the internet and cyberspace where anything and everything is now connected as similar to a global nervous system that controls our daily life. According to Lessig (2006), the global networks primarily consists of the Internet and the cyberspace.

Revolution of Communications

Revolution of Communications

The internet now has played a dominant role in our life as we are very dependent on it. On one hand, we perceived the internet has benefited in many aspects and paces to us however, on the other hand, it has unexpectedly give undesirable consequences to us, the humans are as we are too dependable on it. Sterling (1993), mentioned that the computer network became steadily more valuable as it embraced larger and larger territories of people and resources.

Nevertheless, the internet now has flooded with various information hence the availability of search engines has enable us to obtain any information. Also, now our primary mode of communications have swift to the internet.

Promptly, everything and anything now has develop and shift to the world of internet and so do we?


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Sterling, B 1993, A Short History of the Internet, The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction, Cornwall, accessed 17/08/2014,


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