Reflective Report on Digital Story Project; Nomophobia

Upon our assignment, we were required to create a Digital Story Project (DSP) video relating to our subject of Media, Audience and Place. Then, after I acquire to know about the assignment’s question,  the first thing that came into my mind and able to relate to the our course’s topic which is by the title of Nomophobia. By using ‘Nomophobia’ as the theme of my DSP, it can definitely relates to the course subject where the context elements of media, audience and place takes in this framework. Therefore, by selecting the refrain topic of Nomophobia, I felt that this video will be capable and influential that it can foster the attentive awareness of this rising deceiving contemporary ‘Nomophobia’ problem.

According to Cobe (2013), Nomophobia it an official of the fear of being without your mobile phone is now an irrational fear along with the fear of spiders, heights and flying. The bulk of us feel anxious or even stressed when we leave home without our mobiles but Nomophobes can suffer from panic attacks, shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling, sweating, accelerated heart rate, chest pain or even nausea. Symptoms range from an inability to turn off your phone, obsessively checking for missed calls, texts or updates and even feeling the ‘wedding day jitters’ when your mobile is out of battery or misplaced. Understanding that Nomophobia can quite to be a serious phobia, I intended to creatively portray my whole DSP into an emotional yet fear appeal to attract audience’s attention by shooting video of a young man who consequently infected by this disorder of having uncertainties and unwillingness to leave his phone in his daily activities. Henceforth, by his unwillingness to decline his phone just for awhile, at the end of this DSP he will involve into an accident where he played his phone while driving. Also, through out the whole DST, there will be a narration of the voice of the young man where he voices out his own regrets of devoting too much time on his phone where points him into an accident.

Furthermore, through out the whole DSP there will be ‘fun facts’ about the statistic of Nomophobia and in the mean time the narrator will explain about the symptoms of having Nomophobia. By expending both the captions and narrations I think it will be impactful to deliver my main message of this whole DSP to the audience. Henceforth, this video will be upload to social websites like Youtube, Facebook, blogs and other possible websites that are able to reach my target audience. Now, I assume that my  target audience will be mainly Generation Y and other individuals that strongly attached to their mobile phones and I believe this DSP will definitely be a wake up call for these affected audiences. Nonetheless, by uploading my DSP to these social websites as my platform to engage with my audience, it will certainly and nevertheless go viral whereby my circle of friends will ‘share’ and interact with this video among their friends hence this circle of people are exactly my target audience and also as me myself is from the Generation Y.

While, through out the whole process of this DSP I certainly faced challenges like skills of shooting and capture the right angle, writing a fitting script, produce my own story and other particular skills to produce a decent yet creative DSP. Other than that, understanding that copyright and other ethical issues that must take into consideration, mainly the songs. It is difficult to quest for a suitable yet fitting song that can flatter with your video scenes and of course we are not allow to use commercial songs that we usually listen from the radio or television. These commercial songs are difficult and I suppose it is impossible for us to get copyright to use their song whereby monetary and process duration is the toughest thing to deal with. Anyhow, I thank my lecturer Mr. Faizal for sharing and advised us on few licensed websites that designed to allowed us download for free and free on copyright and licensing.

When I decided to choose on this topic, Nomophobia I have  faced uncertainties and having doubt on this topic because I felt that it is too common to pick this topic. Having to know that many of my classmates pick the same topic as me too but at last I did not want to change my decision on choosing this as my DSP topic. It is because I wanted to take this challenge and try to stand out myself and believe that I am capable to be creative and different on this topic.

In a nutshell, I have learnt a lot through out the process of this DSP and it allow me to learn and acquire a lot of new skills and knowledge to produce a short video for instance videography, video editing skills and copyrighting knowledge. I appreciate and enjoy the times while processing this video and I hope that my video can significantly able to send out my main intended message to the audiences.


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Song References:

On The Tree Line (Dogmix) by OldDog (feat. Panu Moon) – by

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