Reflective of the En Route BCM240

Indeed, having my first most experience to comprise blogging as my assignment during my second year of degree course. In this semester I enrolled myself to two media subjects which is Media, Audiences and Place (BCM 240) and International Media and Communication (BCM 111) which both necessitates us to submit our assignments as blog to WordPress. Frankly, it is my first time blogging to WordPress as last time I only had experience blogging by Blogspot and Tumblr only. WordPress have given me a whole new setting and to be frank it is far more innovative and advance rival to my earlier blogging proficiency in both different blogging platform.

Apart from submitting assignments online, people can publicly and casually read on my blog hence every time before I write on my blog, research to read on other blogs will partaken beforehand for me to get diverse ideas and views hereafter also inspiration for me to write. Understand that we share the similar consistent subject syllabus with the Australia’s University of Wollongong (UOW) but only different is the time frame whereby Australia were ahead of us for approximately two weeks time. So, being a local student here in Malaysia we can always read blogs written earlier before us from the Australian classmates whereby I personally think that we are very lucky to initially get those blogs as references.

Throughout blogging, we required to compromise few of the social media to links up to our blog to increase greater number readerships. For instance, we are recommend to share our blog link in twitter and also learn to hash tag our subject code (#BCM240) for better communication and sharing experience amongst students and classmates who enrolled to this subject. Also, we are encourage to bestow comments on each other’s blogs to aim for improved on interaction and sharing familiarity and I personally thinks that comments can actually boost up your motivation on blogging also improve your works.

Henceforth, through blogging I have learnt to write proficiently understanding that my works are not going to be an ordinary assignment that we usually submit personally and read by lecturers and me myself only. So, blogging assignments publicly must be very careful and references for credits were needed to be done correctly to ensure from avoiding any conflicting issues.

At first, I always thought that no one will actually give comments on my blog but I was hoping for comments anyhow. Then, during the week ninth I actually received comments to my articles from the Australian student and hence there are three different comments on different blog posts. After receiving the comments, I am very much motivated to devote on write my blog post still and nevertheless eagerly longing for more comments and yes, indeed I have received few more comments after that. Furthermore, expectation were beyond my thought that actually besides visitors from Malaysia and Australia there actually visitors from United Kingdom too. While, the numbers of visitors through out my blogging experience have been hitting up to seventy visitors where it actually meets my certainties satisfactory.

Finally, being a media student I am very glad that I learnt how to fully utilize the certain medium as assignment for instance the internet and blogging. Hence, our class have just receive another assignment of working on Digital Story Telling which require us to exploit further in medias which it will definitely enhance and improve our capabilities and skills in media studies. Hereby, I thank University of Wollongong that given me the chance to exploit plus enhance to a whole new interesting and fun blogging experience and seemingly unbarring us from the typical traditional mode of doing assignment.




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