Media Piracy

In today’s contemporary practices of flagging media piracy have become a regular norm to people whereby song and movie downloading were engaged as easy as a click. The internet technology have intensify the contemporary media piracy where conveniences to download files from the internet were tranquil, unrestricted and free or charge. In human natural phenomena, everybody likes free stuff and in the case of media piracy, people always have the notion that although the exploitation of media piracy is illegal but it is still uncontrollable and since there are still many overwhelming illegitimate software, for instance, Torrent, Limewire, Peer-to-Peer(P2P) and etc. to download files and thoughtful that everyone is undertaking it. Also, from many perceptions that downloading copyrighted files were still adequate plus in the condition that the explicit material does not use as an expenditure to aimed at self profitable purposes. Lessig (2004) has specified that a person may use the copy by playing it, but he has no right to rob the author of the profit, by multiplying copies and disposing of them for his own use. However, having this conception is merely immoral whereby the existence of ‘Copyright’ were in the law suit to circumvent and diminish the act of media piracy.


As mentioned that the modern internet have increase the proliferation of media piracy whereas before the existence of internet the implication function of ‘Copyright’ is still well-regulated amongst the impropriety of illegal media piracy. Lessig, (2004) have emphasized that today we are in the middle of another “war” against “piracy and the Internet has provoked this war. The confound of the controversy internet have taken its toll where it have become a threatening tool for destruction of producing revenues for several industries have fallen in to the hole. In Malaysia, VCD and DVD illegal businesses have been virtuously good industry whereby copies and copies of VCD and DVD were produced by just disbursing an amount of an original copy of VCD/DVD or by just a click in the internet. It is believable that billions of dollars worth of movies, song music and software have burnt into these profitable and inexpensive VCD and DVDs.


Many downloaders are in the practices of downloading songs and movies privately at home instead of buying tickets to visits the cinema or hitting to a video shop to purchase a new release album. In their thought, it is free, shareable, reusable and convenient or somehow profitable to download copyrighted files and why devoting and committing to the traditional modes to enjoy the pleasures. By having this idea is indefinitely wrong ask yourself how do you feel when someone steal/uses your hard copyrighted work without any credits given to you instead claiming that it belongs to theirs? Thus, everyone should have the notion of, “Creative work has value; whenever I use, or take, or build upon the creative work of others, I am taking from them something of value. Whenever I take something of value from someone else, I should have their permission. The taking of something of value from someone else without permission is wrong. It is a form of piracy.”(Lessig, 2004)



Lessig, L, 2004. Piracy. Free Culture, [Online]. 1, 11-12. Available at: [Accessed 29 October 2013].




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