It is highly beyond my believe of denial uncertainties that, everyone is a fan of something afore perhaps not a stout fandom but just a slight fan or in an alternative expression, somewhat you have interest about a particular something. I define fandom as a type of strong admiration and extreme crazily hype interest on certain sort of things where the fan themselves sees it a completely a normal and loyal activities than any other thing to do and they consider themselves living in a distinctive community with other fans that share the mutual interest.  Hellekson (2006) stated that the notion intersects with the intertextuality of fannish discourse, with the ultimate erasure of a single author as it combines to create a shared, space, fandom, that we might also refer to as a community.


Twilight fanatic and her favourite fanatic assets

Twilight fanatic and her favourite fanatic assets

A fans with her overly Hello Kitty decorated kitchen

A fans with her overly Hello Kitty decorated kitchen


However, fandom can not only be categorized by celebrities/idols but also other fictional characters and blockbuster movie for instance, Harry Potter, Twilight and Lord of the Rings, fictional cartoons like The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants and Hello Kitty, anime fandom, football club fandom or the most uptrend K-Pop culture and also various wonders of things in the world can be a type of fandom to be acknowledge in fandom classification.


A picture of the young Westlife during my fanatic years

A picture of the young Westlife during my fanatic years

I understand fans  much because I am a fan too of Westlife when I was at the younger years about 9 years old. During the years, I had an overly obsession to them whereby I had various types of their posters sticking at the wall of my room. Remembering that I spent a part of my pocket money to buy monthly copies of the local celebrity and Hollywood fanatic magazine called Galaxy. The most exciting part of buying the magazine was opening to the centerfold limelight part whereby the magazine gives out free newest song lyrics. At that instance, Westlife was one of the most popular boy band came after Backstreet Boys whereby new songs releases will be in a regularly basis, perhaps releases of one new song once per month. Also, being a fan whenever I saw pictures of them in the magazine or newspapers, the first I think I will do is cut that particular picture and kept for myself.


My dad have been a very supportive father that he agreed on buying me new original Westlife albums from the video shop. So by that time, putting the CD in my CD Player while dancing and singing to their song is one of my favorite leisure pass time during my young age. In fact, cannot deny that I am not a fans of them when I can sing to all of their songs accurately without reading any of their lyrics.


During my days of fanatic, mobile phones were not as technological as of today whereby songs can be simply keep in song player and picture can be constantly change as wallpaper. Henceforth, at that time Facebook, Twitter and Instagram does not happen to be exist yet and as of now fans can simply share their fanatic interest with their fanatic community and others easily just by easy as a click of button. Fan page in social media and as well as fanatic forum have tremendously became the social fanatic media platform for easy interactions comparing to the older days where fans can only be interacted physically and verbally in fans meeting. The existence of the new media have created more extreme hype in fandom to the extend where actually Beliebers, One Directioners have been recognize as a type of fanatic community. Fiske to Henry Jenkin’s (1992) canonical Texual Poachers stated that fandom was automatically more than the mere act of being a fan of something: it was a collective strategy, a communal effort to form interpretative  communities that in their subcultural cohesion evaded the preference and intended meanings of the “power bloc” (Fiske, 1989) represented by popular media.


Justin Bieber's Belieber die hard fan's #baldforbieber

Justin Bieber’s Belieber die hard fan’s #baldforbieber


Bieliber fans crying for Justin Bieber in a concert

Bieliber fans crying for Justin Bieber in a concert

An extreme loyal One Directioner fans and her bedroom

An extreme loyal One Directioner fans and her bedroom


Nevertheless, the new media have been playing a major big part for entertainment industries for profit for instance. Fans can be a type of promotional object whereby their interest and love for their fandom can be an indirect type of free promotional message and awareness, for example, an update status from a fan saying on behalf that an upcoming concert will be held soon. Henceforth, fans are the major purchaser for all the new releases and promotional items and concert tickets.


Still, until today, although I am not a strong fans for Westlife but when I listen to their songs, I can still flawlessly sing to all of their songs like UpTown Girl, I Lay My Love for You, My Love, If I Let You Go and other songs by them! And being a fan is actually a fun type of activity whereby you lost yourselves all out for your favorite idol.



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