Space and place affect our assumptions on media effects

“We can no longer imagine living daily lives- at leisure or at work, with family or friends- without media and communication technologies. Nor would we want to.” ( Livingstone S, 2002)

I strongly believe that in this technological age have literally conquer us the people by their mass media content powers whereby it is very ordinary to see people holding their cellphone in anytime and everywhere. People live in their own world while spending their media addiction on their personal favorite media and gadgets without realizing the level of their ignorance to the world. Honestly, I live in my own world while using my own personal gadget like cellphone and laptop in a public space without paying any attention to the surrounding world. For instance, people make the habit of essentially checking their own phones as a necessity and setting it as priority when they have free time regardless the time and space.

The habits of addictive consumption on phone have given various affections of negative impacts whereby people cannot distinguish the right time and space on media usage. Occasionally, the media addiction have affect them using checking on their cellphone while driving which have effectively indicates to the exploration of moral panics. As Livingstone (2002) said that, interactive media are seen to herald the rise of individualized and privatized lifestyles increasingly dependent on the economic of global consumerism, often iniquitous in their effects, tending to undermine national culture and national media and regulation. However, people nowadays have altered their perception and attitudes of consuming media in anywhere and anytime do not have the difference and do not see the importance and consequences of it.

On top of that, in this context of the excessive use of interaction media and gadgets will affect a huge impact on one’s daily life in terms of time space, communication and characteristic. Moreover, this has become a natural phenomenon to regardless on media, space and users themselves.


Livingstone, S, 2002. Childhood, Youth and the Changing Media Environment . Young People and New Media , [Online]. 1, 1-2. Available at:[Accessed 27 September 2013].



  1. This is such a great blog!!
    Out of all the topics we have covered in this subject, the ‘Mobile Phones’ topic was by far my favourite!
    I am just like you and love all my gadgets however, I wonder what the world will be like in 20 years? Will everyone be hermits and be too scared to talk to others?

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