Televisions were once of the primary electronic medium that gives us the biggest entertainment and also obtain sources of information to the audience. When television first came out, it was costly to be owned by every home so people would go to public spaces and homes to watch the television as well people back then enjoy watching television together in a space that they can share laughter and opinions. Leichter et. al (1985) as discussed that, television viewing most often takes place in homes, where the direct or indirect education of family members is a continuing process, where activities are organized in time and space, and where the interactions of individuals with other form a continuous screen of influence through which the world is experienced. Once, television were a medium that most families would bond to spend their time together watching it, thus back then setting of television in home was only in the living room. As agree by Leichter et al. (1985), television and the family present particularly significant cases because they are so closely interwoven.’

By then, watching a television in a public space weren’t a big matter as compare to now where people prefer to be more personalized and individualized in a private space but not practicing watching television with group of people anymore. The setting of a television bit by bit reformed from a public sphere to a private sphere where numerous of television is found setting in a house, placing not only in the living simply but rooms, kitchen and even the toilets itself. Sharing a television is not common anymore as compare to then, people now adapt to the new habit of watching television alone and privately in their own room. However, a family might be watching a program at the same time but technically in a different space.

Hence, the proliferation of private space has increase overtime essentially for the reason that of the influences of urbanization and youth culture. Those who prefer more on watching the television on a private space typically were the younger generation youths. In fact, most of the teenagers will go through the rebellious and need the ‘alone time’ meaning the private space, where they lock and withdraw themselves communicating with the family. Therefore, creating a private space is easier now because the power of owning a television is no more difficult as the affordability price of a television is more reasonable as compare to then. Indeed, television were no more the primary source to watch programs and obtain news because the advancement of internet have make we people more conveniently using the internet to roam a program using YouTube and other social websites.

Moreover, the attention and concentration of watching on a television is no more to be a simple thing to do as the growing existence of the new gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and tablets. The multitasking job is taking over where people do so many at a time while watching the television, one maybe holding on a phone texting, surfing on a site using the laptop or doing reading a book.

Somehow, the trends of updating status on Facebook and Twitter have been one of the mainstream trends at the moment. No doubt, all of us have been affected by the clutter of the internet and social network while watching the television. The media are smart enough to associate their television program and show to the internet social media. For instance, people nowadays having habits of ‘tweeting’ of their opinions and comment of the program that they are watching on the television. The media have to keep in track of the trend so that they can gain more viewership to their program and for example, American Idol has encouraged the audience to use their mobile phones to gain votes for their favorite idol.

As time pace have changed, television was once an important medium for us to delight our entertainment and obtain source of news information whereby we pay full attention on the television without any technology noise. While, people now treats television were not as important anymore because of the advancement of technologies gadgets. Hence, sometimes we turn on the television is not mainly intend to watch it nevertheless just a background sound during doing other things.


Leichter, H.J, Ahmed, D, Barrios, L, Bryce, J, Larsen, E & Moe ,L, 1985. Family Contexts of Television.Educational Technology Research & Development, [Online]. Volume.33, No.1, 26-40. Available at: [Accessed 08 September 2013].


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